A New Family Member

This is the advert I replied to! I hadn’t intended to get another dog, well not yet. Maybe in a year or two but there was no harm in looking. When I did, I was hoping to find someone or something special. But it seems that special someone found me and sooner than expected!!

“Extra special home wanted for Mo, our Border Collie

Mo came to us when he was one and a half, when we responded to an advert on Pre-loved. This described him as loving and loyal, which he really is. Mo is wonderful company and is always eager and willing to go for a walk, to play or to roll around with the cat and or the children!

What we weren’t told about Mo, he isn’t properly house-trained or obedience trained. We have been working hard with Mo to teach him the principles of coming to us when called and to “hold it in” for a while. We now find ourselves in the position where we are both working full-time and can not give Mo the attention or constant exercise (he currently goes out for walks 7 to 8 times a day) he needs. We have made the difficult decision to re-home him.

He can do very smart things like ring a bell for a treat, he is very switched on and he loves to swim( unusual for a border collie).

We have found him very complicated to obedience train. He been properly socialised in the first instance, this has made it very difficult and although we have lots of experience with BC’s we do not feel, we are doing him justice. He does walk better on his lead than he used to, at one time was afraid of everything from birds to motorbikes, which just shows how little he was taken out.

We live in the Lakes in an area full of sheep, to have him wander off, really could mean that he may be shot and we are afraid this might happen.

He is an intact male, very handsome, gentle and happy. For the right person (he is good with children but it would have to be your decision whether to take a dog into your home of course) he will be a wonderful dog if you have lots and lots of time to dedicate to his training and companionship.

We love him very much and this really is a difficult decision. No time-wasters please, only people who believe that they can genuinely commit to the time and dedication needed to training Mo and can offer him a wonderful and loving home.

He is wormed, Front-lined and up to date with his vaccinations.

If you decide to respond, please tell us lots about yourself and what experience you have had training Border Collies. A good home is very important and our main concern.”

Over the coming months I will update you with posts and videos of our life together, good and bad!


  1. A lovely looking dog. I hope he finds a good home.

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